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When Should You Book A Party Bus?

March 28, 2019 | By bigdaddybus | Party Bus Rental

It’s a fact that the U.S. taxi and limousine industry has been booming fast, and between the years of 2009 and 2014, the nation’s limo service grew by 3.2% annually. While this could be because there are so many different types of limos, party buses, taxis and more, the number also should not be ignored.

Big Daddy Party Bus is the ultimate party bus in College Station and Bryan, and the business is determined to serve the community. Big Daddy offers party bus rentals & rides for events of all kinds, and has delivered excellent services to thousands of satisfied customers over the years. Big Daddy has developed a knowledge and understanding of the way party bus events should be run and how to best serve its customers and provide the best amenities.

The buses hold up to 30 people, so you never have to worry about leaving someone out! Additionally, the bus includes LED lights, surround sound, and BYOB on the bus. Let’s just say, we’ll drink to that!

In this blog, Big Daddy Party Bus wants to provide you with some ideas that include our services for your next big event!


Nowadays, one of the most popular modes of transportation to a sorority/fraternity formal event is by party bus. Whether it be a date party, a formal, a mixer with another organization, or anything in between, party buses are a great way to keep everyone unified and organized. They provide students with a fun environment while also creating a safe space for all.

For example, if you go to school in Orange County, and your sorority formal is in Newport Beach, why not rent out a party bus for the ride? It’s an easy way to elevate any night!


Are you a part of an on-campus organization or club? Whether you’re in a club dedicated to swim, religion, cooking, beauty, fashion or cars, party buses are very popular among college campus organizations.

At the end of the school year, if your organization has a little bit of leftover money, which often happens, rent out a party bus and have yourself a fun night! Take the bus for a spin to the local club, or just around town! This is an easy and affordable way to bring an organization together and create a stronger bond within the group.


Company culture is starting to gain more importance as time goes by. In the past, people just accepted whatever jobs they could get, but in today’s climate, millennials and the younger generation are starting to pay more attention to company culture and environment. It holds more importance because studies show that the newer generations care more about relationships and building strong, lasting, and effective friendships. Because of this fact, hosting a good company party can be extremely rewarding.

Rent out a party bus for all employees and go bar-hopping in the city! This is a very simple but successful company bonding event. It allows employees to loosen up and get to know each other on a deeper level. This can be more effective than a scavenger hunt or a team escape room!



Party bus rentals are perfect for young kids who just want to have a good time on prom night, no alcohol involved of course. The lights, the sound systems, ample room, and areas for snacks and beverages will make any prom night special. Not to mention as parents you will have peace of mind knowing your kids are safe with a licensed chauffeur.

Every high schooler should have a prom with a party bus, because what is prom without one? Ride in style to the venue with your best friends for a night that no one will forget.


Wine tastings are great excursions for families, bachelorette parties, engagement parties, or a group of friends just looking to have a good time. After drinking wine and eating cheese all day, you’ll probably want ample room to spread out and perhaps nap, and a party bus is perfect to do just that. It wraps up the experience and adds a bow on top.


There is nothing better in the fall than going to a football game and tailgating with a group of friends beforehand, especially at a sports-heavy college like Texas A&M. However, it isn’t always an easy process — it seems that there is always a ton of traffic, high parking rates, and nowhere to park. Luckily for you, renting a party bus means always being ensured a place to park and not having to worry about having a driver after staying late at the game! It’s a cheaper alternative, while ensuring that everyone is still drinking and getting ready for the big game.


Now that you know about all the different ways to utilize a party bus, book one and experience the magic for yourself! At Big Daddy Party Bus, we only charge $6/person one-way to/from Northgate and $10/person round trip! Our buses hold up to 30 people and provide LED lights, surround sound, BYOB on the bus, and more! Book your party bus now!